Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coconut Bliss-A Sweet Addiction

What better way to start this blog than to post my original To Your Health. I hope to keep things simple with this blog, to introduce people to some of my favorite products, offer practical advice, and inspire people to choose a healthy lifestyle. Cheers!

I often get questions from people about health products. People bounce things off of me, I guess, because I am "one of those". I am into preventative health care practices,like chiropractic and massage, I shop at the health food store, etc. But I am not a vegetarian! Not that there is anything wrong with that....it is just funny, because people often assume that I don't eat meat. I gave up processed sugar and starches years ago for health reasons, so people are a little shocked to find that I love a good burger (on sprouted grain bread, of course!).

So I decided to include a little healthy section in my blog as a way to share with others, some tips on healthy living and some of my favorite products. This first To Your Health is dedicated to my friend, Vanessa, who stayed with us for a few days recently. While eating a bowl of my new favorite ice cream, she asked if I had blogged about it. When I said "no", she (while licking her spoon) said, "You have to blog about it. The world needs to know about this." Okay V, it is pretty safe to say that the entire world is not reading my blog...but to the few who do, I bring......

Coconut Bliss! This is the best non-dairy ice cream I have ever tasted. And I have tried a lot. Now, I don't have a problem with dairy. But I do have a problem with sugar. I tend to be hyperglycemic, so I avoid processed sugar. It is very difficult thing to do, but just so necessary for me to even function...without chronic fatigue and headaches, etc. And I am just healthier for it in the long run. Anyway, I have yet to find a sugar-free dairy ice cream that doesn't have a chemical sweetener in it. And lots of people are allergic to dairy. I mean, we are the only species who drink the milk of other animals.

Coconut Bliss is all natural and very yummy. It is definitely not low fat, but since it is made from coconut milk, it is rich in nutrients and healthy fat. It is sweetened with agave nectar (a delicious, low-glycemic syrup) and is perfectly creamy and smooth. Finally! My ice cream addiction will no longer be my demise! I can eat as much as I want.

If you want to try this yummy treat, you can find Coconut Bliss at Whole Foods and other health food stores. My favorite flavors are Vanilla Island, Mint Galactica, and Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge.

Here's to your health!