Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Mellow Please

I'm a California girl...though I wasn't born there. I was born in Massachusetts, and my parents moved back to California when I was two. I lived there my whole life, up until our move to Hawaii four years ago. I grew up with no memory of my time in Massachusetts, but the gorgeous photos of the fall leaves, and one very yummy treat, the Fluffer Nutter.

The Fluffer Nutter was a brown-bag essential for us growing up. We didn't eat it every day for lunch, as it was a bit more like dessert than lunch. I always compared it to a candy bar called the Abazaba. Anyone remember that? The sandwich is basically peanut butter and marshmallow creme on white bread.

I cannot remember the last time I ate one of those. And since this blog is about healthy living, I am not about to recommend it...ha ha! But I did find a fun product in my local health food store the other day. It's called Ricemellow, and it's an alternative to marshmallow creme. When I saw it, I couldn't help but reminisce. I had to buy some so I could introduce my daughter to the healthier version of the Fluffer Nutter!

When I got Ricemellow home, we opened it up and took a bite. I was pleasantly surprised. It is quite yummy. Now, I am not going to call it healthy, however it is a great alternative to the typical marshmallow creme and it promises to be GMO free, gluten free, and FAT free. It contains no animal products, no cholesterol, no refined sugars, no corn sweeteners, no added salt, no preservatives, and no artificial additives!

Today my daughter and I took out our brown rice cereal puffs and made one of her favorites and one of my childhood favorites as well, rice crispy treats. She was all smiles, and so was I. YUM!