Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Is A Baby Carrot?

Ever wonder where baby carrots come from? Well, I hadn't either until I came across a link about them. Ah, the Internet. Such a plethora of information out there. Well, a while back I started a series of posts I call, Every Day Toxins. One of the toxins I have highlighted is chlorine. I will continue to post information about chlorine and ways to keep a chlorine-free home.

This link is not about chlorine. It is about baby carrots. But I mentioned chlorine because it is part of the process for non-organic baby carrots. They are soaked in a chlorine solution before packaged. Now, I must note that it is a low concentration of chlorine in the water and it is widely accepted as a safe and effective way to disinfect. However, it does makes me very glad I choose organic. Anyway, the following link is kind of an interesting little history on baby carrots. Lately I have just been sticking to the larger ones. They generally cost less, stay fresh longer, and pack more nutrition. But there is nothing wrong with baby carrots. They are sweet and yummy, and quite perfect for dipping!


Here's to veggies and here's to your health!

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  1. Baby carrots always seem to go bad so quickly-
    Don't panic, go organic:)