Monday, February 21, 2011

Hooray for Nose Frida!

Hello? Is this thing on?? Well, I know I haven't been around much since our baby arrived and I'm not too sure how many followers I still have, but things have been kind of the best possible way. We have a beautiful baby boy, Ezra James. He is perfect in every way, healthy and adorable! I have been a wee bit busy nursing round the clock, diapering, doing laundry, etc. You get it.

Now that baby has arrived, my posts are likely to include many more baby products. There are very few things I feel I truly need in addition to what we already have from the first time around. However, I saw this nifty little contraption in my pediatricians office the other day....and when I saw what it was for and how it was used? Well, I laughed at first. Then I bought one because I realized it was quite a useful, and clever invention.

What is it? The Nose Frida is a nose aspirator for babies and small children. The package describes it as the "snot sucker". If you have children, you know that the big round, green suction thing that comes home from the hospital with you is not exactly a fun tool to use. Not only is it uncomfortable for baby, it really isn't all that efficient.

The Nose Frida is great. I have to admit that I wasn't sure I believed it would work...but it absolutely works! My husband and I tried it the other day. Here is how it works-You put the tube against the baby's nostril to create a tight seal, but not up the nose. Then you put the other end in your mouth (yes, your mouth) and suck. Don't worry. There is a barrier to prevent gooey mucus from actually making it's way into your mouth. By sucking, you are creating a vacuum, and the result is a clear nasal passage for baby.

I highly recommend the Nose Frida for every parent of young children. We were fortunate that our first child learned to blow her nose quite early, but it usually takes quite a while to master this skill. Do your little ones a favor and clear it for them. I am not going to claim that it will be a pleasant experience for them, but it will be quick and easy for both of you, and your kiddo will breathe easier too.

Here's to this cool little invention and here's to baby's health!

*Check for the best prices*

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