Saturday, September 12, 2009

Investigation: Vaccination

This is a flim that is sure to raise questions, stir up controversy, and hopefully, get people thinking! The controversy over vaccinations has been an ongoing one, and the debate has gotten heated and ugly at times. There are studies that show links to Autism and studies that are inconclusive. Regardless of what you think you already know, or what you have read or heard before, it never hurts to keep investigating.

We chose not to vaccinate our little one for a number of reasons and the decision was made thoughtfully and prayerfully, with much consideration. I am thankful to have a pediatrician who supports our decision. I think the most important factor here, is listening to your heart and going with your own convictions, while getting as much education about the subject as possible. Check out the trailer for Vaccine Nation.


  1. I support your decision not to vaccinate your child. 11 years ago when I had my first baby I read everything I could on vaccinations. My oldest brother has autism and I hated living with him. He was mean and uncaring and I was afraid of him. I did not want to have to raise a child like that. I also didn't want my kids to get polio, small pox, etc... I decided to wait until my children were 2 before starting immunizations and then only do 1 immunization at a time and watch very closely for reaction. So far this system has worked for me and my youngest is now 2 and has had a few immunizations. I think that it is a crime to immunize young infants whose immune systems are not developed yet. I really wish the drug industry would green the vaccines. They put those toxins in them to preserve them making them have a longer shelf life which makes them more money.
    Thanks for posting this video. I wish America would wake up and start thinking for themselves rather than let advertising and doctors make all of their decisions.