Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just Another Every Day Toxin

We should all be outraged at even the thought of toxic waste being called "organic fertilizer". Sadly, the reality is that this is happening all over the country. This is no doubt, a problem that will trickle down and effect us all. Here is an excerpt from the Organic Consumers Association concerning this every day toxin.

With toxic municipal sewage sludge being spread over tens of thousands of non-organic farms and ranches across the U.S., and sold in garden supply stores - often falsely labeled as "organic" fertilizer - OCA is about to launch a major campaign against the sewage sludge industry. But before we launch this campaign we need to respond to the current outrage in the so-called "Green City" of San Francisco, where the city is giving away toxic sewage sludge to backyard gardeners, farmers, and schools, under the guise of it being "organic fertilizer."


Use the following Action Alert and tell San Francisco to stop endangering schoolchildren and backyard gardeners!


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