Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Reusable Options!

With the overwhelming number of reports about BPA leaching, I am making an extra effort to have a plastic-free kitchen. Of course, many food items we buy come in plastic packaging. It is impossible to avoid it completely.

I prefer glass for drinking and for food storage. But we are a busy family on the go and glass is not always the most practical option. I have previously shared some of my favorite reusables. Here are a few more.

I bought some stainless steel containers that are quite handy for packing lunch items or snacks. They are lightweight, reusable, and provide natural insulation, which helps keep food cool longer. We have been using Lunch Bots for sandwiches and other snacks. My husband takes them to work in his lunch bag, and we also use them for food storage in the fridge. Lunch Bots have a rectangular shape, and a tight seal lid. I got a great price for these on Amazon.

We also really like Kids Konserve Nesting Trio. These three round containers are great for veggie slices, crackers, hummus, whatever. They "nest" inside one another for easy storage, and have rubber, leak-proof lids that seal tight and keep food contained, so there is no need to worry about spills. You can find these on The Soft Landing.

We have traded our Sigg Bottles, due to possible BPA leaching, for great new stainless steel sippers. I ordered three different brands to try out. For my husband, I got Nathan's 240z with a flip straw. My daughter now has a pretty CamelBak butterfly bottle with a flip straw. And I love my gorgeous new bottle by Thermos. It has a one-touch button release for a straw, which makes it super convenient and easy to sip from during workouts or when driving. I really like how liquids stay a consistent temperature for hours in these stainless steel bottles.

All of these choices are stainless steel, but remember, there are also many safe BPA-free plastic choices as well. It may not seem cost-effective to switch out your containers, but it actually is. These are durable, safe containers that do not leach harmful chemicals. They are not microwaveable...sorry. But they are reusable and will last a long, long time. Resuable containers conserve resources, reduce waste, and ultimately, keep more money in your pocket. Now that, I like.
Here' s to your health!


  1. Great write up, Thank you! Always looking for BPA free alternatives. Love the stainless steel containers, seems like the safest containers to use for foods. The nesting trio look great.

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