Saturday, August 1, 2009


Recycling in Hawaii is not quite as sophisticated as the mainland. Hawaii has yet to catch up, but is doing better and better. We do our part when we buy items that won't create more waste. I won't go into the whole global warming thing, because there is evidence that the environment heats and cools for periods, etc, etc and there is ongoing research to be done. Regardless, we ought to live responsibly! Growing up, my mom got after us if we let the water run while doing dishes or brushing our teeth. We used every bit of what we had a little went to waste. We need to be good stewards and try our very best to take care of our planet. It's healthier for us and our kids. I love it when I find products that not only allow me to do this, but also save me money in the long run.

One of my favorite places to get reusable stuff is at This site has great lunch bags, shopping bags, Sigg Bottles, and more. An item that I have used over and over and over is the Wrap-N-Mat. I wish I had invented this handy little mat with the Velcro closure. We pack a sandwich or other snack, wrap it, velcro shut, and we are out the door. When it is time to eat, we open it up and it becomes our very own little place mat. It's a great product and now I hardly ever use Ziplocs. We just wash and dry the wrap-n-mats and they are ready use again. You can also find these at

Our favorite lunch bag is often in tow. Our three-year-old loves to cart it around for long car rides or trips to the beach. This stylish bag, made of wetsuit material is sheer genius. It is naturally insulated, which means no worries about leaching lead (did you know that many insulated coolers may do this?). We throw a couple ice packs in and our food stays cool. Plus, we love how cool this bags looks!

Another product we love are chico bags. They roll up into themselves, with a little drawstring closure. Store a couple in your purse or keep them available in the car, and you will always have your own shopping bag ready when you need it! I love how compact these little bags are, but what I love most is their durability. I can stuff them to the brim with groceries and make fewer trips from the car to the front door. Find them at the reusable bags online store or at

Here's to our planet and here's to your health!

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