Saturday, August 15, 2009

Genetically What?

I have this great friend. We chat about everything-faith, family, blogging, our kids. Recently she got some very important info at a farmer's market about GMOs. What are GMOs? They are genetically modified organisms, basically food that has had it's DNA modified. Is it safe? Well, there isn't enough research to say for certain, but I for one, don't want anything to do with them. The problem is, like many things in our country, there are no requirements to label them GMO, so chances are you are buying them every day. BUT my friend just learned that by simply reading the code on our produce, we can know just what we are paying for. Here's the way it works:

All produce is labeled with a number coded sticker...

Four digit numbers starting with 3 or 4 mean:
non-GMO, conventionally grown
Five digit numbers starting with
8 mean:
the produce is GMO
Five digit numbers starting with
organically grown

So now, in addition to squeezing, smelling, and even occassionally thumping, there is one more way to go about choosing our produce. While organic is the best and I try to buy organic whenever possible, it is not always available. Now we all have the power to choose and know what we are getting. So what is the big deal with genetically modified foods? Well, there hasn't been extensive research on them, but animals refuse to eat them. Something about that leaves me a bit uncomfortable. Read the article below for more information. Here's to getting all the facts...and here's to your health!

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