Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do You Clean Well?

"Lavese sus manos!"-Wash your hands. We see the signs in public restrooms, we hear about germs and preventing illnesses from our doctors, read about it in magazines, and hear about it on the news. Antibacterial soaps and instant sanitizers have been pushed by the health industry and rightfully so. We do need to wash our hands. BUT what are the common ingredients found in antibacterial soaps...and are they safe?

Most antibacterial soaps include dangerous chemicals like Triclosan-a chemical that resembles a pesticide, Benzalkonium Chloride, and others. Search "antibacterial chemicals" on the Skin Deep Cosmetics Data Base for a more detailed list.

For awhile I avoided these strong chemicals by simply adding a few drops of naturally antibacterial essential oils to my favorite natural soap. But I couldn't take my soap to go, and those instant sanitizing gels left my skin feeling dry and smelling medicinal. Now that I am a mommy, I of course, want the best for my little one. I was thrilled one day to find an all-natural, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, in a convenient spray form, that smells great, won't dry out your hands, and most importantly, does not contain any dangerous chemicals.

As if it isn't enough of a job keeping our little ones safe and healthy, worrying about yucky chemicals in the products we use to keep the germs away should not be part of the deal. Clean Well antibacterial sprays and soaps are safe and have been proven to kill 99.99% of germs. I wouldn't consider myself a germaphobe, but since our little one just happens to be a finger sucker, we have to constantly clean her hands. This spray is great because I can quickly sanitize hands, wash a boo-boo without causing a sting, or even give toys a quick cleaning. I keep one of the little sprays in my purse, my car, the stroller, etc. I keep a larger spray at hand in the kitchen and bathroom...convenient germ busting when my daughter is just too busy to be bothered with washing her hands in the sink!

We were at the pediatrician's office the other day, and I pulled out my handy little spray to clean my daughter's hands after she'd played with some toys. The nurses were so excited about an alcohol-free sanitizer. The doctor was most impressed with the chemical-free part. Everywhere I go I have a Clean Well spray, and everywhere I go, people ask me about it. I cannot say enough good things about this product. It is one that I just can't do without!

Order Clean Well products on their official site or buy at Target, health food stores or Amazon. By now you know that I am a fan of the spray, but I also LOVE their Orange Vanilla foaming hand soap. It smells like a dreamsicle! Yummy. Here's to keeping clean and doing it naturally!

(just in case you need specific directions-Ha Ha!)

Click this link for more information on how Clean Well got started:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLNpRDQ


  1. I first started using clean well 3 yrs ago when my sister ordered it for me... It's so nice that you can find it in places like Target now!

  2. I agree-I also started using them a few years back and I too, had to order the products at first. I still like to order soap refills from them because it is a better deal! And sometimes they have special discounts. But heading over to Target is super convenient. Btw, they just changed their formula to be SLS free.