Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Raw, Raw, Raw!

I made the raw lasagna again...and this time I remembered to take a picture. If you are thinking that you would love to try some raw food dishes, but don't want to make them yourself, there are some great companies that make prepared raw foods and distribute them to local health food stores. One such company here in Hawaii is Licious Dishes. I recently tried several of their items and they are, well...licious! I am totally addicted to their three-layer dip. I also like their lasagna, the variety of tasty dips that accompany their crispy flax crackers, and their haupia...yummy. You can stop by their kitchen and pick up single items in their fridge or place an order on Monday to be picked up on Friday, for either a 3-meal or a 5-meal plan for the week! Now that is easy meal planning. Some of their items can also be found at a local favorite, Vim & Vigor.

There are also some wonderful full-service restaurants dishing up raw cuisine. Be adventurous-google "raw food restaurant" and see what pops up in your area. If ever in Chicago, try Charlie Trotter's, where they feature a raw-tasting menu. Famous chef, Charlie Trotter is world renowned for both cooked and raw cuisine at it's finest.

If you want to pick up a few raw food snacks for on the go, check out some tasty snacks by
Go Raw at Whole Foods and other health food stores, or Amazon. I love the sprouted pumpkin seeds and the spicy flax chips. So, am I a total raw foodie convert? I still love fish and devour a good burger at least once a week or so. I think it's great for each of us to embrace the healthiest lifestyle we can while enjoying foods we love. I am thrilled with my newfound love for raw dishes and plan to continue to experiment as often as I can. I feel great...and my jeans are fitting quite nicely too! Here's to raw food and here's to your health!