Sunday, August 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first Menu Plan Monday and I am so excited because this was just the push I needed to do something I have intended to do...and have made loose attempts at doing, for years now. When I go food shopping, I always have a general list in my head. There are our usual staples, which I am always restocking, but I almost never have an actual menu in mind. I may have a couple cravings that dictate what I am thinking I'd like to make, but it is definitely more of a spontaneous shopping experience. And though I would like to say that I am a very organized person (I am striving...I will be there some day), I am, well, much more organized than I used to be AND super proud of that little achievement. When you have a toddler, you are forced to fine tune this characteristic...whether you like it or not. So here I go, procrastination of the menu planning has come to a halt!

Breakfast Options: Our usuals-oatmeal with chia seeds and agave nectar, toasted Ezekiel English muffins with almond butter and topped with a bit of our homemade trail mix of the week, fresh berries for me (my daughter is currently in a frozen blueberry phase), smoothies, Barbara's Organic Breakfast O's, some version of eggs.

Lunch Options: Turkey or PBJ (actually ABJ-almond butter) sandwiches on sprouted whole grain bread, veggies with hummus, mixed salads, flax crackers with our favorite raw "three layer dip" by Licious Dishes here in Hawaii, grilled "cheese" (almond cheese) and tomato soup, "squiggly noodle salad" with brown rice noodles, finely chopped veggies and olives, sliced avocados to add to any one of these.

Sunday-Off to one of our favorite Thai places right next to our church.

Monday-leftovers from one of our favorite Thai places!

Tuesday-Veggie Italian Omelet/Fritata-ish/Scramblie Egg Thingie...hope to post this recipe soon.

Wednesday-Applegate Farms' grass-fed beef, nitrate-free, organic hotdogs on sprouted-grain bread and plenty of mustard and ketchup! Served with steamed cauliflower and baby carrots.

Thursday-Raw Lasagna.

Friday-Gotta finish off the lasagna.

Saturday-Grass-fed beef burgers with sauteed onions, mushrooms, and kale.

Desserts will be spontaneous, but will likely include Coconut Bliss ice cream.

Phew...I did it! I really did it!
*This is a healthy-living blog, so go ahead and insert the word "organic" in front of just about everything. Here's to getting organized with Menu Plan Monday, and here's to your health!


  1. Way to go! The weeks that I plan out my menu I always save money. No need to make extra trips to the store or go out to eat :)
    I have lasagna on my menu this week too. My lasagna is vegetarian with lots of veggies, rice noodles, tofu, and dairy free rice cheese. I don't think my family would go for raw, but I would love to try it. How did you get your hubby to agree?

  2. I think that a PBJ on whole wheat should be replaced with a : Sprouted Whole Grain Bread,
    Tahini Butter with Organic
    Blueberry Jam .
    And To drink : Organic Apple Rush (Sparkling)
    No China Cola, No Reeds, No Virgils, stop the refined sweet thing and get your sweets from fruits.
    And hopefully, ORGANIC

  3. I'd like to respond to Bob by saying that I wrote this post with the intention of participating in the menu planning and did not dilvulge the complete ingredient list. You must have read my post wrong...we do eat Sprouted Whole Grain Bread. It is mentioned several times. And actually, we use raw almond butter instead of peanut butter and only all-fruit spreads with no refined sugars. I agree with the no refined sugars. We stay away from them. I am hyperglycemic and stopped eating them years ago. As far as drinks are concerned, we usually stick to our favorite-H20, or we may have coconut water or watered down 100% fruit juice. And of course, we like to keep it all Organic! Thanks for your comments.

  4. very strict if you ask me but all sounds so good. I ma not there yet and dont know if I ever will be, but I am trying. I will have to have dinner at your house. Love ya sis