Monday, February 1, 2010

Surface Wipes, Powered by Clean Well!

You all know that I am a big fan of Clean Well. My bathrooms and kitchen are stocked with their soaps, and I carry my handy little sanitizing spray wherever I go. I am happy to tell you that you can now have the safe and natural, sanitizing power of Clean Well in your disinfecting wipes!

Seventh Generation has teamed up with Clean Well to give Clean Well fans what they have been asking for. They have produced great line of surface disinfectants for the home, which includes both surface sprays and wipes. So far I have only found them at Whole Foods here in Hawaii, but they are supposed to be available at Longs, Target, and other stores as well.

I recently bought the sanitizing wipes for our home and tried them out right away. First I wiped down the kitchen counters, then the bathroom counters, the door handles, the toilet seats...quick, easy, safe sanitizing. I used to use my Clean Well spray on surfaces, but now I can just grab a wipe.

I love that these wipes are safe and effective, and convenient. I was a bit worried about using them on my black granite counter tops. With careful examination, I saw only a hint of a few streaks here and there. What I really like most about the wipes is the mild, fresh scent. Unlike other brands I've tried, they are not at all overpowering. Just clean and fresh!

So, do you Clean Well?

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  1. Neat! I have been seeing clean well all over the, even longs?