Sunday, December 19, 2010

Divinely Decadent French Toast

Well, I had all sorts of plans to blog about holiday foods, post recipes galore, chat about my favorite baby stuff (only five weeks till my "due date"), my favorite stocking get the idea. And I suppose, since my real life is just so busy right now, with the Christmas cards (addressing, stamping, and sealing all 84 is no small feat!), and the doctor's visits, daily chores, hosting my annual Christmas Open House, etc, etc, there just hasn't been much time left. Actually, there hasn't been much energy left. There is a small human growing in my belly!

So, to all my faithful readers, thanks for continually stopping by. I wish there was more content for you to read...and I have to say that I am not sure what will transpire after Baby Boy arrives. I may have to take a short hiatus, but do keep checking back in. I promise to try my best. Having the hard drive in my laptop crash was ultimately the demise in my production of blog posts. The Internet connection in our office is kind of slow, and without the portability of the laptop, I can no longer teach a homeschool lesson, play princess, cut and paste, or play a game of Candyland while simultaneously writing. There you have it.

It is pouring down rain today and my husband is home, so let's just see if I can post a quick recipe here for ya. Many of the wonderful recipes I post here come from other blogs, my own version of something I read in a magazine, or a healthy cookbook. This one is all mine. It is not complicated, but I will take credit for the inspiration. If you are having overnight guests for the holidays, this is sure to be a hit. I must admit that it does not quite follow the guidelines of my "healthy living" blog. So I will post two versions, one for those who might like to indulge a bit once in a while. I know I do!


egg (s)
almond milk (or other milk variation)
Mascarpone cheese
mixed berries
berry flavored yogurt
agave syrup
grapeseed oil

There are no specific measurements for this recipe, since you likely have made French toast before...just eyeball it. About one egg is required per 4 slices of bread you will be serving. Crack the eggs into a bowl and whip with a fork. Add almond milk (I add a bit of water since almond milk can be rather thick). Add a splash of vanilla to your liking, then sprinkle in a generous amount of cinnamon. Now you are ready to dip your bread. Place pan over medium heat and pray a small amount of grapeseed oil into pan. You can use another healthy oil, like coconut oil. I happen to like the neutral flavor of grapeseed oil. Coat slices of bread with egg mixture, then transfer to pan and brown on each side.

You can stop there if you want the healthier version. Add a pat of butter or butter substitute, swirl with agave, a pinch of cinnamon and serve. Keep reading for decadent, divine, oh-so-yummy version...

Okay, so you have your French toast. Now for the toppings. Scoop out a dollop (or two..or three) of Mascarpone cheese and put it on the toast. Add a couple tablespoons of a thin berry yogurt (I like "O Organics" raspberry from Safeway). Add fresh mixed berries if you can find them. Thawed-out frozen berries will work too. Top with a generous swirl of agave syrup and a pinch of cinnamon sprinkle. Voila'! The most divine French toast!

What I like about this kind of indulgence is that it doesn't completely stray away from my healthy lifestyle. I mostly gave up cow's milk a while back and it breaks that rule. For those who don't do cow's milk, you can use Toffuti Better Than Cream Cheese instead of the Marscapone and try So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt in blueberry. The rest of the ingredients truly are healthy, but you won't know it when you taste it. It's the breakfast version of dessert! I served this to a girlfriend of mine and now she just HAS to have it when she pays us a visit. She unpacks her suitcase and politely asks if I will serve it EVERY morning of her stay. Watch out. Your guests may not want to leave!

Here's to an amazing holiday breakfast, and here's to your health!


  1. Hello To Your Health,
    We have french toast with fruit on top but gee this one sure looks yummy!! I love the berries and the yoghurt - it looks so great

  2. This looks amazing! I'm going to make it dairy-free for sure. Thanks for giving substitutions. So Delicious coconut milk yogurt is my favorite, and the blueberry flavor will be fantastic in this recipe!

  3. wow, looks yummy!!! love to try the french toast. Delicious coconut milk yogurt is good for the health.