Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Got Aches and Pains?

(Sigh) It is so good to finally sit down and relax! Running errands around town, taking care of a home, and keeping up with one very busy three-year-old, I feel like I hardly ever sit during the day. Somehow I manage to squeeze in a bit of Pilates, dance, running, and other fitness into the mix. Oh yeah, and a few massage clients here and there.

It seems now that my little one is becoming a bit more independent, I have a smidge more freedom to enjoy the things I love, like ballet class or Pilates...but I find myself adding more and more into my daily routine. And the laundry still has my name on it! With all of this activity, my muscles can feel pretty achy and sore.

I cannot get a massage every night (wouldn't that be nice?). Instead, I look forward to my evening ritual of taking a nice, hot bath. My quick remedy for sore muscles? I add a cup of good old-fashioned Epsom salt! You can find Epsom salt pretty much anywhere-Target, your local grocery store, or drug store. Epsom salt, or hydrated magnesium sulfate, is a natural anti-inflammatory, bringing a soothing relief to mild soreness, swelling, and bruises.

Another product I use is Arnica cream. Arnica is a natural analgesic. You can rub the cream directly into sore muscles, bruises, and minor sprains for relief. It is a great one for what I like to call "mouse arm"-the result of hours of clicking away on the computer mouse. My forearm gets pretty sore if I am at my keyboard or scrolling with the mouse for long periods of time.

Two great choices for Arnica cream are Arnicare and Traumeel. Both contain the homeopathic ingredient, Arnica montana. Generations of athletes, trainers, and others have benefited from the relief Arnica provides. Doctors and pharmacists recommend it as a safe and natural remedy for pain relief. Arnica is also available as an oral homeopathic medicine. You can find Arnica creams, gels, or oral medicine in health food stores or online.


  1. I also add Lavendar Essential Oil to my hot Epsom salt bath! Lavendar has wonderful relaxing properties!

  2. Yes Cindy, I like to add essential oils too~so spa like...as close as I am going to get these days :) Lavendar has so many amazing healing properties. It is also good to put a drop on your pillow to help aid in sleep! Eucalyptus is a good one too.

    Thanks for visiting so often!