Monday, October 12, 2009

Sneaky Spinach & Olive Pizza

We are pretty lucky to have a kid that actually likes vegetables. But like any toddler, she is selective about which ones she will eat and how often she'll partake. Green veggies are tricky. I often hide them in her food and I like to sneak them in when she's really hungry. If she is gobbling up her meal, she doesn't usually take time to dissect what I've put in front of her!

One of my little one's favorites is pizza. She loves to help me assemble mini pizzas, just the right size for little hands. I like to keep things simple most of the time. For a quick lunch or dinner, I can easily throw these together with whatever ingredients I have handy. Here is a recipe for quick and easy, healthy kid pizza.

Sneaky Spinach and Olive Pizza

Ezekiel Sprouted whole grain hamburger buns or English muffins
Organic ketchup (or marinara sauce)
Organic shredded cheese or cheese substitute
Organic baby spinach leaves
Sliced olives (We like Santa Barbara Olive Co.-no chemical preservatives)

1. Chop the baby spinach into very tiny pieces.
2. Spread about 1 tsp chopped spinach on half a bun or muffin.
3. Top with desired amount of ketcup or marinara.
4. Sprinkle plenty of cheese to fully cover any trace of green.
5. Add sliced olives
6. Bake or broil until cheese melts and bread browns.
7. Slice in half or quarters.

Voila'! Super easy. Quite a healthy little pizza. Use whatever ingredients you've got. Sometimes we add sliced turkey meat from the deli. The key is to use something your kid(s) really enjoys to distract from the spinach. You may have guessed that my Phoebe loves olives. She would eat a whole can if I let her.

Here's to healthy kids!

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