Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is My Fish Truly Fish??

You may have heard about genetically engineered foods and have likely read about them here. Now there is a movement you should know about, a movement to stop the genetic engineering of fish. Yes, fish. The Center For Food Safety has been fighting against the agenda to genetically engineer foods for many years. While many fruits and vegetables in our country are currently being genetically engineered (GE), there has yet to be an approval by the FDA for an animal intended for food. However, there is currently a strong consideration by the FDA to approve a GE salmon and we need to be informed about the potential risks.

The human health impacts of eating GE fish are completely unknown, not to mention the potential risks for wild salmon and the entire marine environment. If the FDA decides to approve it despite the risks and public opposition, mandatory labeling required by the FDA will be the only way to protect the public's right to know what exactly is in our food. Currently there is no label for genetically engineered food. I believe this should change. Please take the time to watch the following clip for more information on GE salmon. Then go to to see how you can make your opinion count.

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