Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ear Bud Alert

Here is a quick tip for the day. I read this in Parents Magazine a while back.

Listen up! New research results that frequently using headphones for 30-plus minutes at a time significantly increases the amount of bacteria in the ear. "We think buds raise temperature and humidity in the ear canal, making the environment favorable for bacterial growth, " says study author Chianjay Mukhopadhyay, M.D., of Manipal University, in India. Though generally harmless, the bacteria could lead to infection if the buds irritate your skin enough to tear it, so make sure yours are comfy.

In addition, it can be common for family members to share iPods, etc. It is a good idea for each individual to have their own ear buds. And be sure to sanitize ear buds between uses. I simply spray mine with Clean Well sanitizing spray. It is a quick and easy way to prevent bacteria from building up on those buds. If you have young children, pick up a pair of kid ear phones that are designed just for kids, producing sound in a lower decibel to prevent damage to little ears. It is best if those fit over the ear, and not in it. Check Target or other stores in your area for kid-friendly headphones.

Here's to rockin' out with healthy ears!


  1. wow, i had never thought about this. a friend of mine got a TERRIBLE ear infection after his earbuds hit the floor of the subway for a second... it didn't make sense to me until this post! any bacteria that WERE on them after that would have multiplied. fascinating. thanks!

  2. Great post. It is amazing the places bacteria hides:)